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Hello world!

Okay!! Here’s My first post.

Its really very tough to make this beginning. I have procrastinated enough and don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t understand why people blog)not talking about ones who are making money or who want their voice to be heard, I am talking about people like me :)..), but I wanted to do this from long time. It feels like I am falling behind or lacking something by not blogging. I always think about this so thought of starting it today( Monday.. tough to concentrate on work).

I am happy to start this today for two reasons. First today is my friend Suri’s birthday( he is visiting me and are going to have fun!!) so I am not going to forget the day I started blogging. Second, I have the habit of not closing my tabs until I finish the task ( sometimes they are open for months) so today I am going to close one of them.

It was a tough decision to decide between WordPress and blogger. After little bit of googling I choose wordpress for it has advantages over blogger which I dont understand today :).. May be in future..

I dont want to declare what this blog will be about.. but I am sure its going to be fun ..OKAY!! Bowling time.. ( Anoter decision to make which bowling place to go :(.. life would be really cool if some software makes all the right decisions for us)..




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