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Men Vs Women T20 World Cup

Men semi-finals: WI SL SA PAK

Women Semi-finals: ENG AUS NZ IND

Its look like fitting semi-finals for the T20 world-cup. All the eight full members of ICC reached the semi-finals.


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I don’t know whether Indian players feel fatigue or not .. but too much cricket is definitely making it boring.. anyways stupid me still doesn’t stop watching ..

Some thoughts about today’s match between England  and Pakistan. It was good show by England( Pakistan has to get some credit here) after a disaster against Dutch. England made sure they are in super eight, but they really hurt their chances of making to the semifinals by defeating Pak badly. Anything greater than 2 runs would have been sufficient for them to be in super eight( as Netherlands won with zero balls to spare,  so England run-rate would be better anyway) .  Then Pakistan would have needed to  defeat Dutch by 2 runs to make through(by net run-rate). Now Pakistan has to win as badly as they lost(which is highly unlikely based on Netherlands form). With Dutch in super eights England is not going to carry any points forward.

I understand England needed this win  and defeating Pakistan badly will them a lot of confidence. But as usual they don’t the logic behind being champions. I back Jayawardene on tactical decisions. He hide Muralitharan in 2007 from Aussies in semi-finals( which dint help, but at least he tried), and the move to hide Mendis from India in Asia cup semi-final(which was fruitful and won Asia cup).

When you are not the best side in the world you have to play per match basis. But in tournament like World cup you have to get your logic right too( remember what happened to South Africa in 2007, India 1999).


Its not England, I lost logic as ICC changed the rules 😦

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