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Interesting topic about google dominance in today’s world and how difficult is it for small innovators to publicize their inventions.

Op-Ed Contributor – Search, but You May Not Find – NYTimes.com.


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YouTube – Chitika | Premium – How it Works.

Chitika – Premium Ads for Search Traffic – Make Money Online.

Chitika helps you earn money through ads if the search traffic is through any search engine. It doesn’t work if they enter your website through bookmarks or any-other way other than search engine. So it better to have both Adsense and Chitika.

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Sreenivasa Kothmasu has this interesting website on Analog Vlsi and other general things including job search, interview questions, etc

Analog and Other Stuff – Analog and Other Stuff.

Access Meebo

Electronics Basics

Data Sheets

Signal Integrity

Analog Dialogue

Analog and Digital

Operational Amplifier

Interview Questions

Job Seekers Info

Job Websites

E Books

Ebook Download Links




Google Adsense

General Links

Deal Websites

Telugu Websites


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Google Adsense in India

Analog and Other Stuff – Google Adsense in India.

Useful post regarding How to make money from Adsense in India

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Can H1-B and F1 visa holders earn money online?.

This is nice article about the eligibility of h1-b workers or F-1 students to earn money online or through 1099. Ms Shiela Murthy mentions that is it is not advised to do so as it would complicate I-495 process. But I know many h1-b/f-1 workers earn money online. Also I heard the pyramid/Amway/quixtar/brit-world-wide/independent-business-owner( what ever you call it) people earn their money on 1099. How is this possible? Please comment?

Another link regarding the issue ( Adsense on h-1 or f-1 visa)

AdSense on a Visa « Visible Blog.

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