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CES 2010 Gadget Preview – PC World: “If you’re going to invest in a new digital camera, why not get one with a built-in projector, so you can share your photos with friends and family? The Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj camera projects images and videos on to a wall (or just about any other flat surface) to sizes as large as 40 inches. The camera/projector is available now at online and retail camera stores for about $430.”


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CES 2010 Gadget Preview – PC World: “Directed Electronics has found a new use for your iPhone. With Viper SmartStart, you can put your Apple phone to work for remotely locking, unlocking, or starting your car. The Viper has been available at Best Buy since late October, at pricing of $499”

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Making money through ads

  • Chitika: Good for Product related sites. Chitika eMiniMalls is a cost per click advertising program.
  • Tribal Fusion: With Tribal Fusion higher the website traffic the more will be the money you earn(CPM). Requires minimum of 2000 unique visitors perday. You need to have a professional site design and an active user base.
  • Vizu Answers: You can earn money using interactive polls on desired topics. Payment is based on CPM(Cost per thousand impression). So higher the traffic the better. Also you need to set the minimum CPM date for each poll. Sample Vizu-poll.
  • vizu-screenshot
  • Yahoo Publisher Network– Just like AdSense.

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Personal Finance:

To improve your bottom line

  1. http://CNNmoney.com

  2. http://GetRichSlowly.org

To track all your money in one place

  1. http://Moneycenter.yodlee.com


To get Advice

  1. http://Pimco.com

  2. http://LeggMason.com

To get feedback on your strategy

1. http://Diehards.org


To build a network

1. http://Linkedin.com

To stay in touch


Real Estate

To check out real estate

1. http://trulia.com

2. http://Zillow.com

To get the neighborhood scoop

1. http://Outside.in

To get the lay of the land

1. http://Maps.google.com


To hunt for bargains

1. http://Fatwallet.com

2. http://slickdeals.net

To find buyer reviews

1. http://Amazon.com

To Compare prices

1. http://PriceGrabber.com


See what other think

1. http://Edmunds.com

To narrow the field

1. http://Cosumerreports.org

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have fun

1 one
2 two

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YouTube – 3 Idiots Speech By ChaturSilencer.

3idiots speech by Chatur Silences. Chamatkar Balatkar. Dhan Sthan.

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How steady are your eyes?

Look at the center of this circle. Look steadily into the cross in the center and try not to move.

If done right, the outer circles should appear to eventually fade or disappear completely.

Optical Illusion

Optical illusion

Created by Dr. michael bach. for more optical illusions, visit http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/

via images – circle optical illusion.

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