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I emphasized the following diet schedule for 70% NLS:

1.     After taking water in two installments (including physical activities) and clearing bowls by 7.30, take vegetable juice at about 8 am.

2.     Take sprouts at 8.30 – 9 am. Plan to get 700 calories from your breakfast. Take 100 Gms of dry seeds of three no’s of varieties and sprout them.

 3.      Add 20gms of coconut (better if grated), groundnuts (soaked in water or fresh if available) and dates for taste and health. This combination gives you about 700 cal.


·        Brown rice (cooked) – 80-to 100 Gms. Dry Quantities.

·        One leafy vegetable curry with any dal

·        One more vegetable curry with any seasonal vegetables

·        Cook about 20gms per head Soya beans (soaked for 14 hrs) in the same cooker along with rice or separately and eat in your lunch.

·        Buttermilk or thin curd (without any fat) optional

  • Note: –Cook them as per our NLS method, using no oil, salt or standard masalas. Plan to get 700 calories from lunch.
  • Take any fruit juice or coconut water or sugar cane juice in the evening at 4pm.
  • Dinner with only fruits to give 500 calories
    2 phulkas with mixed grain wheat flour and vegetable curry and salads to give
    500 calories.

 Please do not forget to drink water, during whole day.


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  1. 2 glasses of water after waking up –  helps activate   internal organs
  2. 1 glass of water  30 minutes before a meal –   helps digestion
    1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps   lower blood pressure
    1 glass of water before going to bed –   avoids stroke or heart attack

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Top 5 iPhone Paid Fitness & Workout Apps + 20 Free Bonus Apps.

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