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Indeed, there are certain other women who are never to be enjoyed, however much a man may be tempted. First, a virgin without marrying her; second, a widow 20; third, a woman living chastely or virtuously with her husband; fourth, the wife of our friend; fifth, the wife of our foe; sixth, any of the reverend women specified above; seventh, the wife of a pupil or a disciple; eighth, a woman born in one’s own family; ninth, a woman who has been defiled; tenth, a mad woman; eleventh, a woman older than one’s self 21; twelfth, the wife of a Guru, spiritual tutor, instructor or guide; thirteenth, one’s mother-in-law; fourteenth, one’s maternal aunt (mother’s sister); fifteenth, the wife of one’s maternal uncle 22; sixteenth, one’s paternal aunt (father’s sister); seventeenth, one’s paternal uncle’s wife; eighteenth, a sister; nineteenth, a pregnant woman; twentieth, a woman with whom one is not acquainted; twenty-first, a woman who has committed mortal sins and crimes; twenty-second, a woman whose complexion is entirely yellow; twenty-third, a woman whose complexion is quite black. It is laid down in the Shastras (scriptures) that the wise should never, under any circumstances, have connection with these twenty-three kinds of women, as well as with others, bearing any relationship to one.

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Which factors are considered while arranging marriage?



1. Meaning and synonyms

2. The objectives and their importance

3. Types

3.1 The main types

3.2 Anulom and Pratilom marriages

3.3 Other types

4. Arranging a marriage

4.1 At what age should a marriage be arranged?

4.2 According to astrology

4.3 Consanguinous marriage

4.4 Ascertaining the credentials of the groom and his family, based on psychology

4.5 On what does the matching with one another depend?

4.6 After the death of a family member when should a wedding be held?

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How Marriage Matching is Done in Astrology?

Astrology has a unique method called “Marriage Matching” to check the compatibility between a boy and a girl. By using this method we can check whether their union can lead to a long and happy married life or not.

Everyone expects his or her married life to be happy and prosperous. A boy marries a girl hoping that she can be a better partner making his life happy. In the same way, a girl hopes that the boy she is going to marry will be an ideal partner giving her love and affection throughout the life. You can check your astrology marriage match with your partner easily.

In astrology there are certain guidelines and rules to test the compatibility between a boy and a girl. There is a method of matching by ‘Koota Agreement’, which is based on birth stars of boy and girl. They recommended 20 kootas i.e. combinations to check the compatibility in which 12 are most commonly used.

Examining the birth stars and birth signs of the boy and girl generally does Kootas agreement. Each koota plays a different role and reveals a certain result. Here are the basic 12 kootas.

Astrology marriage match – Dinam:

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